Louisville Aerial Photography and Video Services

We are the most trusted and first major provider of Louisville aerial photography and videography services since 2005. Our Louisville, Kentucky clientele has grown rapidly over the years and includes the following:

  • University of Louisville Cardinals
  • Yum Center
  • Schmoop Productions
  • City of Louisville

We invite you to compare our drone aerial imagery and videography services to those of other drone companies in the Louisville area. We are the safest, most experienced, and most established drone company in the Midwest. We proudly provide Louisville aerial photography and video services to major film studios and TV networks. Our pilots are the most experienced, our drone fleet is the largest, and our camera gear/stabilizers are the best on the market. To enable us to fly in specified areas legally where most other drone companies cannot, we hold FAA Airspace Authorizations for all towered airports in the Louisville area. Inquire today about the area you’re interested in obtaining drone aerial imagery from and we’ll check to see if it’s within our authorization zones.

If you need to hire a drone pilot for any Louisville aerial photography or videography project, feel free to reach out to us to get started today! We have a variety of packages and drone systems to capture your aerial footage that will fit virtually any budget.

Louisville Kentucky Drone Aerial Video & Photography

University of Louisville Drone Aerial Photography – Student Housing Construction