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Whenever Pro-Quality Drone Aerial Photos or Helicopter Aerial Pictures/Video Services are needed in the Greater Sacramento area, we are the answer. Perfect Perspectives is Cincinnati’s Original Drone Services Company, and is now serving Sacramento too!

Perfect Perspectives has Drone Aerial Photography & Video flight teams located in the following cities to better serve all your Midwest (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, California) Drone Aerial Imaging and Photography needs –

Cincinnati – Cleveland – Columbus – Dayton – Louisville – Indianapolis – Sacramento

We Offer All The Following For Sacramento Area Drone Aerial Imaging Services 

    • The Midwest’s Most Experienced Flight Team
    • The Best Gear/Cameras Currently Available
    • Full Video Editing/Production Services
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Rapid Media Turn-Around
    • Volume Discounts
    • BBB A+ & Google 5 Star Rating
    • 15 Year Perfect Safety Rating
    • FAA Airspace Authorizations & Night Waiver
    • Tri-State Service Area

Sacramento Aerial Photography | Drone Photos

Perfect Perspectives is proud to be the first commercial Drone Photography Company to offer aerial photo services in Cincinnati, Ohio. And now our World-Class drone services are available in Northern California as well. Since 2005, we’ve provided our many Cincinnati area clients with premium aerial imaging including high resolution drone and helicopter aerial pictures and much more. We fly our 50 megapixel Canon 5DS-R with high quality, professional lens options on both our drones and full-size helicopters. These very high resolution images are perfect for large reproduction on banners and billboards.

Why Settle For Less, When You Can Have Sacramento’s Best?

Ever hear the phrase “You get what you pay for?” This applies to hiring Sacramento Drone Aerial Photography Services as much as anything else. Did you know that Perfect Perspectives was in the Cincinnati Drone Aerial Photography business for almost a decade before ANYONE else? Not only that, we are BBB accredited as “Ohio’s Most Experienced Drone Service Company” by virtue of opening for business in 2005. And one more thing. You don’t stay in business for 15 years without doing something right. Our top-rated, professional drone teams takes pride in everything they do – from flying in Hollywood feature films to industrial inspections to commercial real estate marketing. Don’t make the lowest cost mistake when hiring Sacramento Aerial Drone Photography | Photos. You can have the highest quality images from the area’s top, full-time professional drone pilots and for just a little more. Like the countless other satisfied Drone Aerial Photography & Video clients we have had the honor to serve, we think you will be impressed.


P. Rocker

I just wanted to send a personal thanks & a strong recommendation to Perfect Perspectives Aerial. I always pride myself on the “5 P’s” (Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance) Wendell & Leisa we’re very helpful on my last minute, spur of the moment Project LOL! I expressed my vision & it was executed perfectly. I’m forever grateful.

Eric Bauerle

Excellent experience and service. I found Perfect Perspectives when looking for a company to help with a large group photo shoot and do a little aerial work. Wendell was very responsive and accommodating. Their pricing is very reasonable. They arrived on time and were a big help to me while trying to orchestrate the large group. The quality of the pictures and video turned out great. It was fun working with Wendell and his team. I highly recommend them if you need any type of aerial imaging or photo shoots with large groups.

Jet Seal

Great experience! Both Wendell and Leisa were so helpful and professional. They were easy to work with and the finished product was fantastic. I highly recommend.

Brent Joseph

We loved working with Wendell at Perfect Perspectives. They were very professional, communicating clearly and promptly. The actual footage and photos were exactly what we were looking for. Highly recommend!

Andy Case

Very quick turn around time and crystal clear quality! Wendell was amazing to work with and satisfied all editing requests, as there were some objects in the photo that I did not want (my fault). I was hesitant to hire someone to do the shoot to begin with, however, Wendell made sure I was completely satisfied before invoicing for the agreed upon quote. Will be recommending to everyone!!

Lydia Slusher

“Very pleased with their work and very fair pricing! I also found them to be very responsive, professional and helpful (even a year later when I needed some additional help with some editing with some of the images they took). I would recommend them for sure!”

Pete Schafer

“We have used Perfect Perspective multiple times to shoot marketing videos for my company. They are easy to work with and provide excellent final products. I would recommend them to anyone looking for high quality aerial imaging.”

Janet Heil

“I would high recommend Perfect Perspectives. Wendell and Leisa are very professional and efficient. They have taken the lead and presented us with beautiful, professional photographs that we will be able to use for years to come. They make our projects look great!”

Michael Bandolik

“I used Perfect Perspectives for a shoot in Columbus, OH on a college game day. They were very professional and provided us with great aerial footage for our show. Would definitely hire again.”

Srinath Balakrishnan

“I am a real estate developer who used Perfect Perspectives for aerial drone shots for a vacant property that I intend to purchase. In the past, I relied on aircraft aerial photographers which took weeks to schedule, was quite expensive and provided limited views of the site. What struck me in dealing with Perfect Perspectives, was how surprising simple the whole process was. I sent them the location of the property with instruction on shot angles and they responded promptly with a competitive quote and a few days later I was able to download multiple, high quality professional shots right at my desktop. The process was seamless, and Leisa and her staff were very friendly and easy to work with. I would most definitely use them again.”

Julie Davis

“Leisa and Wendell were easy to work with and they got the footage I needed and more!”

Megan Park

“Exceptional imagery – easy to work with – fast delivery of footage.”

All Sacramento Drone Photos Available For Purchase

Ask About Custom Printing/Mounting/Framing for any of our High Quality Stock Aerial Photos

One of the first questions we ask new clients is – “what will be the end use for the drone images we provide?”
The answer to this question helps us determine what camera resolution to use when capturing the images. Later, if prints are required, we can make sure we can deliver the size/quality that works best. Often in digital imaging you will see the terms DPI (dots per inch) and PPI (pixels per inch) used and it can be a bit confusing. Perfect Perspectives offers Sacramento Drone Photos in a wide array of resolutions to cover everything from social media to magazine publication.

What Does “DPI” Mean When Ordering Cincinnati Drone Aerial Pictures Or High Quality Stock Aerial Photos

DPI only relates to printer output. The higher the DPI, the more faithful the color tones will be reproduced in the printed image. A higher DPI printer will put down more ink dots for each pixel present in drone photo captured. The end result is a cleaner image with good color rendering.

What Does “PPI” Mean When Ordering Sacramento Drone Aerial Pictures Or High Quality Stock Aerial Photos

At Perfect Perspectives, unlike our local competition, we offer Sacramento Drone Picture resolutions from 12 to 50 megapixels. Which resolution fits best depends, once again, on the final end use of the images. For example, for most web use, a 12 megapixel original drone photograph, down-sized to 72 PPI is usually more than adequate. A larger file size would only consume more bandwidth and slow image loading. Most web users today aren’t willing to wait more than a second or two for drone images to load.

At the higher resolution end, we typically supply 50 megapixel Sacramento Drone Photos at 300 PPI for high quality printing for books and magazines. Having more pixels per inch makes for a very sharp, crisp image when examined up close, say at a viewing distance of arms length or about 2 feet. Such high resolution is also very helpful when cropping and recomposing an image, as the cropped image will still retain enough pixels to still look good. As you may have gathered, the minimum PPI is very dependent on the required viewing distance from the image when printed. Many people are often surprised to learn that 14′ x 48′ billboard, viewed from a distance of 500 feet away, will still look fine printed at only 1 PPI. Printing one of our Sacramento Aerial Drone Photos on a wall-sized banner that will be viewed from about 10 feet away will look amazing printed at 100 PPI for example.

Sacramento Aerial Photography & Drone Photos

Sometimes a drone is not the best option to capture aerial photography or videography.
Examples include:

– When the area is too large to be captured from lower altitudes
– When gaining access to tower controlled airspace is too problematic or unsafe
– When long distances need to be covered continuously

If you need to hire aerial photography services in the greater Sacramento area, please call or email. We schedule helicopter photo flights on a regular basis to capture all your aerial pictures.

Professional Cincinnati Aerial Cinematography & Photography - Stabilized RED Dragon Camera Mount

Perfect Perspectives Lead Pilot Wendell Adkins With Custom Built RED Dragon Stabilized Helicopter Gimbal/Mount

Perfect Perspectives is BBB Accredited as “Ohio’s Most Experienced Drone Service Company”

Did you know that your new Sacramento area local drone company – Perfect Perspectives, is not only the most experienced in the Cincinnati area, but also in all of Ohio and most of the entire Midwest! We are one of the only full-time drone service companies in the state and have been since 2005. One thing is for certain, you don’t stay in any business for 15 years without doing something right. And for us, that’s providing amazing drone aerial video and Photography, and fast, friendly customer service. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our A+ BBB, Google 5-star ratings and many positive client reviews.

Please give us a call at (937)272-5952 and a sales representative will be happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding our World Class Drone Aerial Photography Services.

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