Pricing for Drone Aerial Videography and Aerial Photography Services

Project Pricing –
Whether your drone aerial imaging project is simple or complex, we would like to discuss your specific needs. Each drone or full size aerial filming project is different and many factors need to be reviewed to assure a successful outcome. Unlike most other drone service companies, we have many different cost/quality options to choose from. This is why we offer custom quoting for all projects. We have both camera and helicopter/drone options to fit every budget and project, from a basic photo/video shoot to a full blown video production.

Typical Helicopter, Drone Aerial Videography or Photography Project considerations include:

The first order of business is to determine the clients vision and end use for the drone aerial media we could provide. Next we must evaluate the suitability of the desired location for aerial filming. Items such as airspace classification, TFR’s, proximity to active airports or helipads, urban or rural location, ability to secure site from public and location of any vertical obstructions such as power lines, trees and towers are just a few of the considerations that must be reviewed and mitigated in order to assure safe operations.
Schedule –
In order to book a shoot we must naturally consult our backlog and find an appropriate window. Every effort will be made to accommodate the production’s needs. We have several crews available and the largest fleet of equipment in the Midwest so conflicts are rarely an issue. We are also one of the only companies that operates a drone business on a truly full-time basis, which further aids in meeting demanding schedules.
Security Deposit –
A security deposit of 50%% of invoice amount for on-location Drone Aerial Videography and Photography shooting is required to hold the date(s) and must be received no later than 48 hours prior to mobilization. This deposit will be applied to the final invoice. The balance is due upon delivery of footage. Should the job be canceled (and not rescheduled) within 3 days prior to starting work for reasons outside of our control, the deposit will be forfeited. (deposit waived for repeat clients)
Drone Aerial Imaging Packages (one location) includes –
Analyzing the property for airspace classification, safety and sterile/secure take-off/landing zone(s).
Assessing desired angles of elevated shots considering airspace, privacy of neighbors and sun, wind conditions.
Equipment set-up and pre-flight safety checks.
Capturing aerial photos (typically 50 images).
Capturing aerial videography (if also requested)
On-sight review of images with the client (if applicable).
Editing Services (we offer basic color correction all the way up to a full professional broadcast ready commercial production)
All Drone Aerial Images are provided with a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for print or web use. Resale license agreements are also available for an additional cost based on usage type and volume.
Drone Service Pricing –
Drone Real Estate Videography and Photography –
We have very affordable rates for both drone aerial photography and videography for commercial real estate. Volume discounts are available when multiple properties are filmed. We also have over 14 years experience providing construction progress photography.
Drone Aerial Cinematography – 
We have 12 different drone systems each optimized for a particular application. We offer both half and full-day rates for each system, including flight crew.
Payment –
We accept cash, checks, money orders or Pay-pal. We can also accept all major credit cards. All photographs will either be sent vial FTP transfer (Hightail or Dropbox) or mailed on a thumb drive.

Payment is due upon delivery and acceptance of media or final production.

Inclement Weather, Site Conditions & Safety – 
Monitoring the weather forecast leading up to your shoot date is important. We can usually make a good determination of go/no-go for a shoot based on weather forecasts up to 3 days in advance. We strive to perform our helicopter/drone filming under weather conditions that will give the most favorable results. However, as you already know, mother nature is not 100% predictable. We are required by our FAA regulations to only conduct flights in VFR (visual flight rules) conditions which means in good visibility. Inclement weather may cause the delay or rescheduling of the flight. If we are en route or on location and weather conditions, site conditions, and/or safety issues become unfavorable and the shoot is canceled, fees incurred up to that point will be charged. We reserve the right to make the final decision based on safety. If conditions should determine that a flight should be delayed or canceled upon arrival, we will reschedule for a later date and the client will be responsible for the following:
– If the client chooses to have the crew remain on site until conditions permit (on stand-by) and complete the flight, a fee of $100/hour will be added to the total job cost.
– In the event the flight is canceled, the client will be charged for all travel expenses incurred up to that point at cost.
Security and Permits for Drone Aerial Video and Drone Aerial Photography flight operations –
Proper permission (and state/local filming permits, if applicable) and/or security clearance for taking drone aerial photographs and/or aerial videography footage of subjects shall be the sole responsibility of the client and shall be coordinated with us. We require that permission be obtained from property owners for each location we intend to launch and recover the drone from. Each location must also be evaluated for airspace classification and/or any temporary flight restrictions (TFR’s) present. If the location is immediately adjacent to an active airport, approval must be granted by either the ATC or airport management prior to flight. We will never ever fly in a careless or reckless manner. Upon arrival to site, if exclusion zone security issues should be present, the time used by Perfect Perspectives to secure proper location security is billable to the client at a fee of $100/hour. Flights must be terminated immediately should unauthorized nonparticipants enter the exclusion zone. All flights MUST be conducted in a manner that assures the safety of persons/property on the ground and full size air traffic above.
Pricing for Drone Aerial Video and Drone Aerial Photography Services:
We have one of the largest, most versatile fleets of commercial drones in North America. Often the cost associated with the specific aerial video project will be determined by the quality of the camera kit required. We own cameras to fit the needs of just about any production, from our versatile DJI Inspire 2 Drones to Red Dragon/Arri Alexa Mini on one of our heavy-lift Alta or helicopter platforms. Our costs are some of the most reasonable in the industry. This is possible due to our efficient operations, perfect safety record and the business acumen obtained from 14 years of experience in the drone aerial filming business.
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