One of the first questions we ask a new client is – “what will be the end use for the drone images we provide?”
The answer to this question helps us determine what camera resolution to use when capturing the aerial images. This is one reason why we offer such a large range of drone systems and camera options. Later, if prints are required, we can make sure we can deliver the size/quality that works best. Often in digital imaging you will see the terms DPI (dots per inch) and PPI (pixels per inch) used and it can be a bit confusing.

What Does “DPI” Mean When Ordering Drone Aerial Photography Or High Quality Stock Aerial Photos

DPI only relates to printer output. The higher the DPI, the more faithful the color tones will be reproduced in the printed image. A higher DPI printer will put down more ink dots for each pixel present in drone photo captured. The end result is a cleaner image with good color rendering.

What Does “PPI” Mean When Ordering Drone Aerial Photography Or High Quality Stock Aerial Photos

At Perfect Perspectives, we offer Drone Image Resolution from 12 to 50 megapixels. Which resolution fits best depends, once again, on the final end use of the images. For example, for most web use, a 12 megapixel original drone photograph, down-sized to 72 PPI is usually more than adequate. A larger file size would only consume more bandwidth and slow image loading. Thanks to our ever-shrinking attention spans, most web users today aren’t willing to wait more than a second or two for drone images to load.

At the higher resolution end, we typically supply 50 megapixel Drone Photos at 300 PPI for high quality printing for books and magazines. Having more pixels per inch makes for a very sharp, crisp image when examined up close, say at a viewing distance of arms length or about 2 feet. Such high resolution is also very helpful when cropping and recomposing an image, as the cropped image will still retain enough pixels to still look good. As you may have gathered, the minimum PPI is very dependent on the required viewing distance from the image when printed. Many people are often surprised to learn that 14′ x 48′ billboard, viewed from a distance of 500 feet away, will still look fine printed at only 1 PPI. Printing one of our Cincinnati, Columbus or Cleveland Aerial Photos on a wall-sized banner that will be viewed from about 10 feet away will look amazing printed at 100 PPI for example.

As “Ohio’s Most Experienced Drone Service Company” we take pride in providing drone images that perfectly fit all our clients needs, not only for today, but in the future as well.

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