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Aerial drone photography and videography is the perfect way to market your college, university, or other academic facility! Perfect Perspectives’ drone video and photography services can provide a fresh and unique perspective of your campus’s architecture and trademark or signature features. Rather than capturing standard angles, our drones can access aerial views and angles not obtainable by traditional cameras. We’ve supplied 50-megapixel aerial photos and 6K UHD video services for universities both large and small all across the United States. No other U.S. drone company has more experience than Perfect Perspectives.

A major consideration for aerial drone photography on college and university campuses is public safety. This is where our 14 years of experience and perfect safety record come into play. We are able to comply with the safety requirements of any risk management or legal department drone policy.

Aerial Photo of Miami University Oxford, Ohio

University of Akron Football Stadium Aerial Photo

Northern Kentucky University Drone Photography

University of Dayton Aerial Photo

University of Dayton drone Aerial Photo View

Leading University Drone Video & Photography Services Since 2005

Perfect Perspectives is the preferred provider of professional quality aerial drone photography and media for colleges, universities, and high schools across North America. Our industry-leading drones can capture perfectly framed and composed images (indoors or outdoors) of campus buildings, architecture, and sports facilities from an elevated, aerial view, all with safety as a primary concern. These images are ideal for attracting new students as well as highlighting key property locations for engineering, marketing, campus construction, site development, or alumni updates and calendars.


Perfect Perspectives can also provide ultra-smooth, Close-Range 4K to 8K UHD aerial video for use on website campus virtual tours or television advertising. If your previous campus video is in SD or 1080, now is the perfect time to update to 6K imaging using our Red Epic Dragon or a VR 360 aerial tour.


Our 35 years of professional piloting experience combined with the most comprehensive safety procedures in the industry assures that we can obtain images without ever placing staff, students, or the public at unnecessary risk. We will never fly directly over large gatherings of people or operate in a careless or reckless manner. We are very proud of our perfect safety record flying drones professionally over the past 14 years. We are FAA Part 107 certified and fully insured with $10M in aviation liability coverage. You can rest assured that we’ll capture the perfect drone video and photography for your next campus marketing project.
Drone Aerial Photo of University of Dayton Campus Marketing

University of Dayton Research Institute Authorized Drone Photography

Helicopter Aerial Photograph of University of Cincinnati Campus

University of Cincinnati Aerial Photograph