What Options Are Available For Drone Aerial Cinematography In Cincinnati?

Perfect Perspectives is Cincinnati’s oldest, most respected Professional Drone Aerial Cinematography Services Company. A quick Google search for drone aerial cinema companies in the Queen City will show many results but after visiting these other websites it becomes quickly apparent they have no film or TV experience. We officially opened for business supplying high quality aerial filming in 2005. Our Lead Pilot, Wendell Adkins flew in his first motion picture in the Cincinnati area way back in 1997 (The Mighty). Lead camera operator Leisa Adkins has 14 years of filming experience. Because of this Hollywood grade background, we are frequently recommended by other filmmakers and camera rental departments all across the Midwest.

Reprisal (2018) Drone Aerial Filming by Perfect Perspectives

Reprisal (2018) Drone Aerial Filming

What Gear Do You Offer For Drone Aerial Cinematography In Cincinnati?

Perfect Perspectives offers a fleet of 12 cutting edge drone designs for professional drone aerial cinematography services. There are a few reasons for maintaining so many different drones. First, it is our policy to NEVER show up for a filming session without a fully redundant back-up system. In the demanding drone aerial cinematography business, technical issues that delay production are not acceptable. The second reason is not all productions have the same requirements for image resolution and shot design. At the upper end of image quality we fly our own RED Dragon cinema camera or the ARRI Mini on one of our several heavy lift rigs. These can be fitted with cinema glass, mattbox, and FIZ units. Many other productions are better suited for our Inspire 2 rigs with either X7 or X5S cameras with RAW or ProRes recording. The Inspire 2 is often the choice when maneuverability, flight time and range are needed.

Columbus Aerial Video Jason Day Documentary

Columbus Aerial Video Jason Day Documentary

What is the difference in cost between a drone flying RED or ARRI Mini for aerial cinematography versus the Inspire 2 X7 for example?

We offer half and full-day rates for aerial filming. In general the rates for the RED/ARRI heavy lift rigs are roughly twice that of the Inspire 2 X7.

Arri Alexa Mini Movi M15 Freefly Systems Alta

Arri Alexa Mini Movi M15 Freefly Systems Alta

What specific experience do you have in drone aerial cinematography?

We have become the go-to source for aerial filming in the Midwest. We are a preferred vendor of drone services for TV Networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, FOX, BBC, Japan Television, History Channel, Military Channel, Travel Channel and Discovery. We have also flown in over a dozen Hollywood Feature Films but don’t just take our word for it. Look here – Wendell Adkins – IMDB

What skills separate your company from the large number of others recently offering drone filming services?

Because our Lead Pilot is a former World Champion RC helicopter Pilot with nearly 40 years flying unmanned aircraft, our team is able to routinely pull off technically challenging shots safely. We have a perfect on-set safety record for the past 14 years that proves this point.

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