The largest portion of downtown Cleveland, Ohio lies withing the Class D controlled airspace of Burke Lakefront Airport. This includes both the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians Stadiums. Large towered airports are often situated near metropolitan city centers. In these areas, special FAA air traffic control authorization (ATC) is required to fly a drone in these locations, usually with altitude restrictions attached to boot.

Perfect Perspectives Offers The Widest Range of Drone Aerial Services in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky

As “Ohio’s Most Experienced Drone Service Company”, the team at Perfect Perspectives has 14 years experience working closely with airports to coordinate safe drone operations in challenging airspace locations. This is a big reason both Film and Television productions choose to work with Perfect Perspectives in Ohio and all across the Midwest region. Perfect Perspectives service area includes the following cites –

– Cincinnati
– Cleveland
– Columbus
– Indianapolis
– Louisville

Perfect Perspectives Holds Wide Area Airspace Authorization with Night Operation Approvals for Most Towered Airports In Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky

It is a common misconception by facility owners located near airports that drone operations are strictly prohibited near towered airports but this is often incorrect. Armed with a well constructed flight plan that includes proven emergency procedures, Perfect Perspectives has been able to gain airspace access to even the largest Class B towered airports. In the past it has taken months to gain this airspace access but with recent FAA improvements we can now routinely get approvals in a week or less. We are also able to obtain FAA Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) Waivers for NFL, NCAA, NASCAR and MLB games with owner’s approval.

Granted, in some cases it just simply makes more sense, all things considered, to fly the mission from a manned helicopter, and we often do just that.

If you have a location near an airport that you would like to consider hiring drone aerial photography or video services to film, please call (937)272-5952 or visit the contact page on this website to learn more.

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