Top 5 Things To Know If You Need To Hire A Cincinnati Aerial Photographer

Hiring a Cincinnati Aerial Photographer is similar to hiring other services in most cases. It’s a great idea to spend a little time researching potential service providers before selecting the best option. You want to make sure the Cincinnati Aerial Photography Company you select has a good track record and offers the quality images you need at an affordable price. With this is mind, below is a list of top questions to answer before choosing the right service provider.

Cincinnati Ohio Drone Photography for commercial/industrial real estate

Cincinnati Ohio Drone Photography for commercial/industrial real estate

Check Reviews For Any Cincinnati Aerial Photographer You Consider Hiring

If the Aerial Filming Company has a great track record of making customers happy, odds are you will be too. We recommend only looking at aerial photographers with many Google 5-Star reviews on their business listings. If they have a large number of reviews from a variety of different clients, that’s always a good indicator too. This means they have been successful delivering great customer service in the Cincinnati area for many years.

Make Sure The Cincinnati Aerial Photographer You Consider Hiring Is Actually A local Company

There are a large number of Aerial Photography “aggregators” like Droners.io, Dronebase, Dronegenuity and Soldbyair as a few examples. These companies are essentially “middlemen” that advertise as if they are a local company, but in reality are not. If you are like us, we value supporting local businesses whenever possible. A local aerial photography business will know the Cincinnati area and it’s culture better. They will also know where all the best locations and angles are to get the best possible images. Why put money in the pockets of middlemen who aren’t even in your own state?

Make Sure The Cincinnati Aerial Photographer You Consider Hiring Is Actually FAA Licensed And Insured

There are Local Cincinnati Aerial Photographers that are licensed and insured and others who operate illegally. Quite often the companies that are not licensed or insured advertise very low prices because they don’t have to pass along the costs for operating like a more established, professionally run operation. While it may be tempting to always simply go with the lowest possible price, should a accident occur, odds are you too will also be drug into any legal actions that result because you hired someone unlicensed and uninsured.

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