Cincinnati Drone Construction Progress Photography

In days past when a construction contract required periodic photography of construction progress evolution a full-size aircraft would be used to do the fly overs. A recent search for such companies in Ohio showed that in the past 5 years over 50% of these companies are no longer in business. Behold the disruptive nature of advancing technology.

Drones have revolutionized how construction imaging is being done on projects both large and small. This is due to reduced costs, access to a wider variety of angles and elevations and the ability to not only capture photos but perform low altitude aerial site video tours as well. Drones also have the ability to return to the same precise location with each visit which opens up opportunities for creative uses such as aerial timelapse and hyperlapse imaging. 360 VR imaging is also available. Perfect Perspectives has been using drones for construction progress for 13 years and is Ohio’s most experienced company.

For multi-year construction projects, Perfect Perspectives offers very affordable rates for bi-weekly or monthly progress photography. Photo image turn around is typically supplied within 24 hours. Email or call one of our sales representatives to learn more at (937)272-5952.