Drone Aerial Imaging Miami University Farmer's School of Business

When long time drone aerial imaging client Miami University needed facility inspections performed at the Oxford Campus they once again turned to Ohio’s most experienced drone service company – Perfect Perspectives Aerial Imaging.

Large multi-storied structures are difficult to inspect safely and drones provide the perfect alternative to rigging and scaffolding for personnel access. Key services available include high resolution (up to 50 megapixel) aerial photo 2D or 3D plots, 6K aerial video of roofing systems, trim and gutters, FLIR Thermal imaging for moisture intrusion and insulation issues and facade structural inspections. A large structure’s envelope can typically be inspected in less than a full day.

Most of today’s large universities all have drone policies at the request of legal and risk management teams. As one of Ohio’s only full-time drone aerial imaging company’s, Perfect Perspectives is uniquely qualified to meet any commercial or safety related requirements of these policies having qualified as a vendor for numerous Fortune 500 firms.