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The following list of Commercial Drone Industry Best Practices for Part 107 Commercial Drone Operations that are intended to promote a positive image for this rapidly evolving industry.


– Although not a regulatory requirement, notify nearby airports and heliports of your operations. This promotes a spirit of cooperation with the manned aircraft community and helps avert misunderstanding and minimizes overreactions.
– Wear high visibility reflective vests. When working near streets use traffic cones and signs in order to avert causing traffic accidents.
– Don’t fly close to vehicle traffic in a manner that would cause a distraction and possible accident.
– Maintain a safe distance from Cell Towers, Electric Transmission Towers, Radio Transmission Towers and other high intensity RF transmitters.
– Always evaluate surrounding obstacles before flight relative to an unexpected return-to-home (RTH) event.
– Don’t fly waypoint missions if there is a high probability that persons or vehicles will enter the flight zone during the flight.


– If you can, tell other people you’ll be taking pictures or video of them before you do so.
– If you think someone has a reasonable expectation of privacy, don’t violate that privacy by taking pictures, video, or otherwise gathering sensitive data, unless you’ve got a very good reason.
– Don’t fly over other people’s private property without permission if you can easily avoid doing so.
– Don’t gather personal data for no reason, and don’t keep it for longer than you think you have to.
– If you keep sensitive data about other people, secure it against loss or theft.
– If someone asks you to delete personal data about him or her that you’ve gathered, do so, unless you’ve got a good reason not to.
– If anyone raises privacy, security, or safety concerns with you, try and listen to what they have to say, as long as they’re polite and reasonable about it.
– Don’t harass people with your drone.


– Don’t offer services without required credentials in your state such as mapping (surveyor’s license), thermal imaging (ASNT certification) and building inspection (inspector’s license).
-Avoid flying close to wildlife. Don’t fly in wildlife protections zones or near nesting birds.

As a pioneer is commercial drone operations, Perfect Perspectives Aerial Imaging is committed to advancing the industry in a positive manner.

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