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“Eight out of ten new businesses fail within the first 18 months.”

“Those that do survive don’t become profitable until year five at best.”

Giving away your best trade secrets to your competition is not a recommended course of action. This is precisely why the most knowledgeable experts keep their most valuable information close to the vest.
What if you could get one-on-one business advice from a recognized commercial drone industry pioneer? One with 38 years experience flying UAV’s and 13 years operating a profitable full-time drone service business that continues to grow, even under stiff competition?
One who has flown in numerous Hollywood feature films and used drones to inspect everything from flood control dams to electric generating stations? One with 35 years of high-level business expertise working for a multi-billion dollar global corporation?

Now you can.

Perfect Perspectives Director of Flight Operations – Wendell Adkins now offers one-on-one Commercial Drone Mentoring Services to Part 107 pilots/businesses that want to progress towards running a profitable full-time operation.
Wendell will share with you both our most profitable business ventures and painful, costly failures. He will help you craft a more complete business plan including a local marketing study. He will guide you on key issues such as insurance, estimating, billing and accounting.
Armed with this information you will be able to qualify as an approved vendor for the world’s largest corporations. He will also share information on equipment, FAA authorizations, waivers, risk assessments and safety manuals.
And perhaps most valuable of all, Wendell will pass along our most valuable marketing strategies, covering both traditional advertising avenues along with website optimization and on/off page SEO. We share how to compete with aggregators, franchises and non-licensed operators in your area.

To learn more and take advantage of this wealth of proven business expertise please visit –


and request your registration form. You will then be able to purchase your own confidential interactive consultation session with our renowned Director.

In such a saturated market, in order to succeed long term, you have to perform every single aspect of your business exceedingly well. This is a tall order for any start-up without expert advice.
Let us help you craft a solid, profitable drone business fast. One that’s built to last. One that will let you leap ahead of the competition before it’s too late.
Please note that we reserve the right to refuse service (at our discretion) to anyone based on the current competitive landscape.