Freefly Alta Nokia OZO Drone 360 VR

360 VR (virtual reality) imaging is considered by many to be fringe technology that is more novelty than mainstream. While popular in the gaming world, it’s adoption in other areas of entertainment has been quite slow. A big reason for this, many feel, is due to the lack of high quality content.

The shortage of quality content stems from the high cost of quality VR cameras, difficult post processing workflow and the need for stabilization. The Nokia OZO for example sold for $65K when first released on November 30, 2015. Nokia has recently reduced the cost for the OZO to $25K, mainly due to increased competition from other camera suppliers such as Insta360, Orah, Zcam and Facebook.

For high quality VR content 4K is the bare minimum with 8K being preferred. For aerial 360 VR, good stabilization is also critical to avoid giving the viewer motion sickness. For overall quality the Nokia OZO is still hard to beat. However, with the recent addition of so many other lower cost options with good quality imaging, we feel the market for 360 VR is just now starting to get off the ground (pun intended)!