Close range, low altitude UHD aerial video services is the perfect option to put a new angle on your next film or project

Our portfolio below shows but a few examples of past Drone Aerial Photography and Aerial Video projects we have performed all across the United States. We use a variety of different platforms that are each tailor made to suit the specific environment and shot requirements. While the greater Cincinnati area is our primary market, we are routinely requested to fly all across the US due to our years of experience, unique capabilities and industry leading advanced drone aerial cinematography systems.

Perfect Perspectives Lead Drone Pilot has over three decades of top level experience flying remotely piloted aircraft over several continents.

Close range, low altitude aerial imaging by drone is perfect for making your film or project stand out from the crowd. Previously this type of specialized aerial cinematography technology was only available for big budget Hollywood blockbusters but that is no longer true. RC Helicopter filming using our 10 cutting edge aerial platforms can capture stunning drone aerial video, drone aerial photography, and Helicam HD Aerial Media that is both breathtaking and surprisingly affordable.

A very powerful and effective use of drone based close range aerial video services is in the creation of a “sense of place”. Establishing shots such as these dramatically portray the unique aspects of a setting or location that simply can not be conveyed shooting from ground level or from a jib or boom. Perfect Perspectives can leverage three decades of flying experience to safely and effectively capture smooth flowing aerial cinematography in extremely tight confined spaces that are not possible by any other means. If you need aerial video or photography services in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Dayton or anywhere in Ohio, North America or outside the continental U.S. please give us a call.

Freefly Systems Alta launch from custom docking ring


Cincinnati Closed Set Drone Aerial Cinematography
Cincinnati Drone Aerial Photography Paycor Headquarters

2016 Aerial Cinematography Demo Reel

Ohio Drone Aerial Photography Spaceships
Ohio Drone Aerial Photography Farm

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