University of Dayton Drone Photo

Images captured by drones are ubiquitous in just about every form of digital media today. But not too long ago, most people struggled to see their value for marketing/advertising and video production. When we ventured into the drone filming business 13 years ago in 2005, there were only a few insightful persons and organizations that could visualize the value and potential they held. Some of the most forward thinking in this regard were colleges and universities.

First among these was the University of Cincinnati, who recognized the potential of drones over 10 years ago. We began working with Miami of Oxford the following year. Shortly after we filmed a regional Super Bowl spot for the University of Akron, who had used drones even earlier and were perhaps North America’s first school to incorporate drones into campus marketing efforts.

I recall a meeting with the University of Dayton many years ago and seeing their eyes light up after viewing our work reel at the time. The marketing and video groups at UD went on to develop many unique and creative uses for our drone imaging and still do.

Slowly over time we ended up working for dozens of schools all across the Midwest and we salute them all for their forward thinking. Education leads the way!

The list of other institutions of higher learning that rely on Perfect Perspectives for drone services includes:

The Ohio State University
Ball State
West Virginia Wesleyan
Case Western Reserve
Northern Kentucky University
University of Louisville
Xavier University