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Professional Closed Set Aerial Cinema & Photography Services

  Perfect Perspectives aerial gear includes 8 cutting edge drones to capture amazing UHD aerial video & photography like the Freefly Systems Alta and Movi M15. As true professionals, we will never show up on set without a fully redundant backup rig. Shooting schedules do not allow for time spent troubleshooting such complex systems. Five different configurations are available, each optimized for its intended application. There is no other Cincinnati or Midwest close range aerial filming company with such a wide array of capabilities. If you need to fly a camera at dynamic high speeds, such as vehicle chase scenes, there is no other company anywhere that can match our high speed single rotor rigs.

For Hollywood style filmmaking we use custom built 800mm electric powered helicopters and/or heavy lift multicopters equipped with the amazing Freefly Movi M5/M10/M15 brushless gimbals. On a movie set, efficient use of time is critical and over the last 10 years we have developed a process that yields the most shots per hour possible, all with safety first. Perhaps the greatest advantage of these super heavy lift rigs is the ability to carry large, heavy, anamorphic cine primes and FIZ lens control. Perfect Perspectives has successfully flown Cooke, Zeiss, Leica, and Red Pro primes on Red Epic Dragon and Arri Alexa Mini cameras ranging from 16mm to 100mm. Being able to get smooth footage using a longer lens greatly improves safety flying around talent. The live video image from the camera is down-linked to a ground monitoring station for the Director or DP in real time using the Paralinx or Connex systems. This wireless uncompressed HD signal is crystal clear in 1080p with minimal latency.

Not every production requires Red 6K UHD resolution cinema cameras. This is why we also fly Canon, Sony and Panasonic DSLR’s for aerial video and aerial photography using Alta multirotors or 700 class electric powered aircraft. If DSLR quality is not required, such as for real estate imaging, we also operate several DJI Inspire 1 and Pro X5 Micro 4/3 quadcopters for 4K video/photography for more modest productions/budgets.

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Perfect Perspectives maintains a fleet of 8 highly specialized remotely piloted aircraft to meet your close range aerial video and drone aerial cinematography needs.

  Every shooting situation has its own unique set of challenges. This is why we maintain and operate such a wide range of different platforms for capturing UHD 6K aerial video, aerial photography, aerial inspections, or other aerial imaging. Our aerial gear includes both single and multirotor rigs depending on camera payload required. We regularly fly our own Red Dragon digital cinema camera and are also experienced flying the Arri Alexa Mini camera. We can fly either in manual mode or with GPS autopilot as needed. This is necessary when flying indoors when satellite reception is unavailable. Our rigs have the highest top speed in the industry (80 mph) which is perfect for action scenes such as car chases or car commercials. Our proprietary aerodynamic camera enclosures allow flying brushless gimbals at any orientation relative to the wind or direction of flight without losing camera control. We are the world’s only company with this capability for use with Freefly Systems Movi M5/M10/M15 gimbals.

Sometimes a drone is not the best option, such as flying at large sporting events or concerts due to safety concerns. A helium filled tethered blimp can loiter aloft for hours at a time and is a perfect choice for 360 degree spherical panoramic photography or 4K aerial video using a GoPro 4 camera.

We provide aerial video and aerial photography services from our bases located in Dayton Ohio and Kentucky offices but travel coast to coast and beyond capturing amazing images from uncommon points of view.

Perfect Perspectives provides wireless uncompressed live steaming HD aerial video feeds at 1080p with virtually no latency using Paralinx or Connex systems. This allows the camera operator to frame the shot in full HD or for client/DP shot direction in real time.

Freefly Systems Alta Red Epic Dragon
Freefly Systems Alta, DJI Inspire 2
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