About Perfect Perspectives Drone Aerial Services

Perfect Perspectives Aerial Imaging offers Close Range Drone Aerial Video and Aerial Photography using the world’s most advanced UAS technology. Our expert teams can capture your Ultra High Definition Aerial Video, Aerial Photography, Panoramic VR Photography/Video and UHD Digital Aerial Cinematography in the most dynamic, cost effective and flexible way possible. Our Fleet of 8 aircraft is the most versatile in the industry, .

Perfect Perspectives was one of the worlds first Drone Aerial Cinematography companies with the professional UAS experience to safely carry ultra high definition (UHD) digital cinema cameras like RED EPIC for the motion picture industry. While others had set their goals to carry DSLR cameras, the pioneers at Perfect Perspectives were already carrying 8-10 lb. professional grade cameras and has done so since 2005.

Perfect Perspectives also utilizes smaller 700 class electric powered helicopters for DSLR Aerial Video and Aerial Photography that are ultra smooth, fast and quiet. These rigs are fitted with the latest brushless gimbals and are perfect for carrying a wide range of DSLR and mirrorless cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark iii or Panasonic GH4, all without the need for any post stabilization, guaranteed! For episodic television, marketing and real estate photography we also employ several DJI Inspire Quadcopters for 4K Drone video and aerial photography.

Perfect Perspectives also provides traditional aerial video and imaging from full size aircraft using our revolutionary Freefly Systems Movi M5/M10/M15 gimbals when use of remotely piloted RC aircraft is not the best option. We are the world’s only company to have designed and perfected aerodynamic camera enclosures for these gimbals. The proprietary design allows the gimbal to ignore wind direction when flying at high speeds. This is perfect for high speed vehicle or drone shots. You don’t have to settle for shots at only 35 mph in calm winds any more!

Perfect Perspectives provides ultra smooth 6K UHD Red Epic Dragon and Arri Alexa Mini aerial video for big budget feature films, television programs, Sports, advertising and everything in between.

Perfect Perspectives Aerial is the leader providing professional drone aerial video & photography services in Cincinnati, Columbus & Cleveland for 11 years.

Our chief pilot was a top ranked RC helicopter competition pilot for over 20 years in precision aerobatics, known internationally as FAI-F3C. In 1993 his flying talents helped Team USA win the FAI World Championship. Pilots of this caliber are without question the world’s best and are the equivalent of Formula One drivers in the auto racing world. After retiring from international competition, he went on to consult for defense industry giants General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman test flying drones. This vast experience, combined with a love of cinematography and photography, lead to the development of Perfect Perspectives Aerial Imaging, LLC.

Hardly a week goes by without a new client telling us of a botched aerial shoot caused by a “PRO” aerial company who thought that buying a multicopter and hiring a pilot with just a few months of camera flying experience was adequate. Don’t put your company’s reputation at risk. In 11 years of drone aerial filming, we have never failed to safely get the shots our clients needed.

Why is this top level of experience and talent important? Most importantly is safety. A pilot with this pedigree has honed the skills necessary to safely get the most demanding shots over tens of thousands of flights, just like a senior rated airline pilot. Less experienced pilots must rely on autopilots to help fly the aircraft in difficult situations. While top pilots may also use this advanced technology, the important difference here is they can fly safely without it, just like the famous pilot who landed his loaded passenger jet safely in the Hudson river.


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Perfect Perspective owners Leisa and Wendell Adkins have over 3 decades of UAS experience
Certified Cincinnati Drone Pilot Helicopter Red Dragon Movi

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